Intimidating other women

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Clinton engaged in “blackmail” to try to force women to recant their stories. Clinton’s historic campaign and her own past is quickly becoming an issue in the presidential election, driven in part by Republican opponent Donald Trump’s vow to make her husband, the former president, an issue for her.

And the women who lodged some of the worst complaints against Mr. Clinton answers for her actions.“Was dreading seeing my abuser on TV campaign trail for enabler wife but his physical appearance reflects ghosts of past are catching up,” Juanita Broaddrick, who in 1999 accused Mr.

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Hearing this, Kale suddenly gains full control of her power, attaining her True Legendary Super Saiyan form, which surprises Goku.

With her brute power, Kale pushes Goku back, angry that Caulifla couldn't land her attack on Goku.

Frieza is shown launching random blasts everywhere.

Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me.

I am now 73 it never goes away.”And Paula Jones, who sued Mr.

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